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My favourite time of the year is upon us- goth Christmas (aka Halloween). But it is barely even October you say? Doesn’t matter to me in the slightest. Halloween is a month-long celebration in my house. In fact, I actually start putting up autumnal decorations in September. I truly enjoy it that much.

I listen to podcasts a lot when walking Isabelle or taking roadtrips, but I am fairly new to the listening scene. I’ve complied a list of my favourite Halloween-themed podcasts, but there’s only three!

  1. Savage Love’s 2012 Special– Use headphones if the kids are around for this one as it is intended only for those 18 and older. As past readers of this blog will know, I’m a Dan Savage fan, even if I don’t agree with every point he makes. This gem from 2012 is probably my all time favourite Lovecast episode. It is gruesome, hilarious, and sexy all at once. Enjoy.
  2. Lore– I can’t actually pick a single episode from Aaron Mahnke’s podcast because they are all so good. So my second entry is all of this podcast. If you like your historical nonfiction and myths creepy with a side of the macabre, then just listen to the whole thing. It is brilliant. And it is launching as an Amazon series! Gasp!
  3. Limetown– Whilst the other two podcasts I linked are non-fiction, this one is pure imagination. Fictional people from a fictional town disappear, but it is written and voiced so well that it seems real.
  4. All Killa No Filla– Recommended by Andy Hill- Comedians talk about serial killers. What could go wrong?
  5. Welcome to Night Vale– Recommended by Utkarsh Rao- Small desert town, mysterious lights in the sky… It is a classic for a reason.
  6.  The Black Tapes– Recommended by Matthew Jones- Horror fiction-presented-as-fact at its finest.
  7. Tanis– Recommended by Matthew Jones- Lovecraftian horror.
  8. Alice Isn’t Dead– Recommended by Matthew Jones- From the makers of Welcome to Night Vale, but a bit more plot heavy?
  9. Darkest Night– Recommended by Matthew Jones.
  10. Rabbits– Recommended by Matthew Jones.

I need your help to grow my list and have something fun to listen to on my fall break. Share your favourites in the comments or via social media pretty please.

I will update this list as recommendations rolls in, so if you too are looking for some creepy audio files, check back in.

Until next time,



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