The Blog About Not Being Able to Blog

Well, whilst I’m having technical issues, I thought I’d take the opportunity to blog. Only I can’t.

No, it isn’t due to a lack of inspiration. I am filled to bursting with ideas for future research projects and witty observations- at least I think they’re witty, but I’ve had less than 5 hours sleep and 3 cans of energy drink- but I can’t talk about any of them. Not even in an abstract, academic way which isn’t for profit. The NDA, which I (ironically enough) can’t link you to or quote because of specifications within said NDA, prevents me from writing anything.

So why write at all? Good question.

I suppose I should take this opportunity to buy more energy drinks and cook up some taquitos.

Until I can say more,


Update: I felt like I short changed you a bit with this post, so to make up for lack of content, have a picture of my freshly re-heated taquitos.


Why yes, I am using kitchen roll as a plate. Oh, like you haven’t done it…

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