This is my jam!

This was the first year I was able to take part in a Global Game Jam, and by take part I mean bounce around and look at what  students were doing. Next year I might actually get around to making stuff, but I felt that even my limited experience this year was blog-worthy.

Namely, I was really impressed at just how creative our Game Design students are. My classroom interactions with students usually involve creativity, in that I ask them to apply readings and theories to real-world problems, but the creativity I saw in the jam was of a different sort. Students, of all years, worked together to create a game from scratch in 48 hours. I felt privileged for the opportunity to watch as sketches became assets, storyboards became narrative, and rats became time travelers.

Rather than blather on about how awesome and cool the jam was, I guess I should just let you all see for yourselves. Have a click here and scroll through the games. Maybe even play a few? It will be worth your time, promise.

Until next time,