New Book, New Look

I am very excited to announce that my new book, Sexuality in Role-Playing Games, has launched! Although, for some reason, Amazon won’t be shipping it until April. Hmm…

Publishing a book is a really interesting experience. When I think back to how many people were involved in its creation… from the participants who made data collection possible to the many eyes which read over multiple drafts to my editing team at Routledge… it makes my head spin.

This is quite a big milestone for me, so to celebrate, I’ve revamped the website. I commissioned new avatars and backgrounds from the wonderful Patricia Leonardo Cavalieri. The beautiful unicorn you see as the page’s header is all her creation as is the blue-haired portrait in the previous blog post. I think she captured my likeness and whimsy quite well. 🙂

Also this week, I ran an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) as part of a lecture on RPGs, MMOs, and social play. Over the weekend (maybe), I hope to publish a post mortem on how using ARGs in the classroom works (or doesn’t). I also have a few design reflections which are worth mentioning. Making an ARG for <20 people is actually quite difficult. Particularly within the material constraints of a university classroom.

I’d like to write more, but I have articles and book chapters waiting for my attention. Well, until next time,


New art and updated look

Just a quick post to show off the website’s flashy new coat of paint. Since my hair didn’t match the banner image anymore, I had to commission new art and change things up a bit.

SicilianValkyrie, aka Patricia Leonardo Cavalieri, is the amazingly talented woman behind the drawings. If you ever need artwork, I highly recommend her. She is professional, courteous, has a great eye for colour and composition, and (obvious) talent. She’s currently working on another commission for me at the moment and I cannot wait to see it!!

Until next time,