Travel, Charity, and Other Stuff

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to note my upcoming speaking engagements- if you are the one person who reads this blog who is also interested in hearing me talk- and a charity event I am helping organise.

First up, Adult Play Seminar in Tampere. I’ll be giving a keynote at 10:00 on 12th May in which I’ll shamelessly promote my book, Sexuality in Role-Playing Games, and maybe talk about some other sexy things. I might talk about my new research projects, or I may just talk about how sexy play fun times makes the world go ’round. Haven’t decided yet.

After Adult Play, I’m off to Germany for the Digital Games Research Association annual conference where I’ll talk about the horror genre and Animal Crossing- aka the paper which shouldn’t have been but was. I’m looking forward to making the Powerpoint, actually. I have so many screenshots from that game and most of them are useful in some capacity.

Someone’s sassy for a bull named T-Bone…
Yeah, see? It’s a bit creepy.

Last but not least, I’m helping to organise a Really Big Board Game Day on campus benefiting the NSPCC. All Brunel students and staff are welcome to join us for an afternoon of playing a vast collection of board games, both old and new. You can bring an old favourite along or try out something new. The important thing is to have fun and raise money for children in need. A suggested donation of 5 GBP goes straight to the NSPCC’s play therapy programme which uses play to help abused kids learn to trust grown ups again.


If you can’t make the event, why not use this as an excuse to have some friends ’round and host a board game evening at home? You can still donate some spare change to the NSPCC through my JustGiving page. 🙂

Well, that just about wraps up this blog post. Oh, wait, one more thing…

Did I do it right?

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